Monday, May 8, 2017

Philadelphia Medical Weight Loss Tip 1

More often than not I realize during our weight loss consultations that people have been totally misled by today total concept of health and wellness and everything that people should be doing in order to achieve Optimal Health.

Sadly most of the things that you were told by your so-called Health gurus and everything that you see on television and online are totally correct. They might have one little gold nugget of Truth in there but for the most part the bulk of it is nothing but nonsense. And that is why I am going to do to resume trying to give you the best strategies for improving your overall health and wellness.

Focus Point:
Whether we like to realize or not one of the most important things that we should realize that controlling blood sugar levels is the key to Optimal Health and Wellness. It may even be the secret ingredient to extending our lines. All of us are searching for mythical Fountain of Youth and it is right underneath our nose. All you really have to do is keep your blood sugar levels under control and that will cause a state of homeostasis and wellbeing in the systems of our body.

If your blood sugar levels are out of control will never be able to maintain a good healthy weight. And you will never be able to achieve Optimal Health and Wellness. And of course I know you were going to ask me why is blood sugar level so important and I'm going to try to explain this to you now. Sadly most of the people eating nothing but manufacturer produced food such as Breads and pastries and goodies that are loaded with sugar. This causes our blood sugar levels to go up and down. And this constant up and down in our blood sugar increase of chemicals known as accelerated glycation end products. And these substances increase cellular inflammation and oxidation and quite frankly this accelerates or aging process two levels that are actually very very scary.

And all of this of course increases the chances of us developing in multitude of various diseases and illnesses. All of which basically just kill us faster. Just think of these processes bicycle. As your bicycle so lonely resting away your health is slowly rusting away. It's literally deteriorating breaking apart and crumbling. and all this and down sugar in her bloodstream actually shortened telomeres and tell him there is a report of sale that are are ticking biological clock.

They have control over how we age. So literally a scientist can look at your towing mirrors under a microscope and they can determine how old you are. Sadly there are many 30 year olds that have peace cellular body age of a 60 year old. Cell your cells can only regenerate. They could only leave for certain amount of time. And if your diet is causing your so to shorten more quickly this is going to greatly shorten your life.

The blood sugar level for certain also affect your hormones period and the hormones affect everything in our body or a body functions all the way to controlling our moods how we feel and how we interpret things that go on in our everyday life. So we are eating those Cakes and Pastries and eating those pizzas and those Hoagies it's increasing your blood sugar levels increasing your blood sugar levels causes an increase in the hormone called insulin and its insulin affect quite a few of the other hormones in your body as well. This all seems to be going hand-in-hand everything is really.

Hormones keep your body healthy and if they contain a lot of sugar. The point here is to control the consumption of foods that convert into sugar such as your fruits for cakes your pastries all of your bad starchy carbohydrate. Literally all of your carbohydrates that are made by man. And to make things even worse for example if you have diabetes you suffer from inflammation of your cell membrane and this causes your hormones to be produced out of balance with each other redo to make everything work properly.

Your cell membranes receptors from them and these receptors chemical utilize properly. the hormone insulin give your body. But when it is inflamed the hormone receptor sites cause any change in the cells and therefore the glucose that is floating around in your bloodstream doesn't get used by the cells of your body for energy. and this cause the sugar to accumulate at high levels in your bloodstream and of course increase your blood sugar levels and it causes more inflammation. Eventually you become hormone resistant and you become diabetic. But this is not enough. Heart attack, cardiovascular disease obesity and so much more Are causing your body to age prematurely and this causes you die an early death.

If you have diabetes you are actually becoming older from the inside out which were quickly. You can see this by just looking at the mirror period you probably have quite a bit of each box and your skin is. You can also be suffering from diabetic nerve pain, nerve degeneration and the medical term for this is necrosis. once those bad substances are produced like I told you about at the beginning of this article  whole body starts to fall apart very rapidly and then it's only a matter of time before you develop.

Most diabetics end up with other issues resultant from hormone problems such as hypothyroidism. This is because receptors that allow the cells of your body to listen to the thyroid hormones are also affected by the inflammation that is developing your body. This is why many individuals may take thyroid hormonal agent and the blood work looks much better, however they do not feel any better at all. If the message from the thyroid hormonal agent (T3) cannot get in the cell, due to swelling, then the blood levels of hormonal agents can be regular, but you still keep getting fatter, losing hair and are still exhausted all of the time.

You should get to the genuine root cause. Hormonal agents can be crutches, however, they are definitely not a long-lasting cure for your problems. I want to stress the fact that restoring to normal and reducing swelling of the cell membrane are so crucial they are part of the foundation of my Health and Wellness Protocol.

Sugar Levels are Controlled by Eating Grains: I recognize most every person identifies with the fact that that sugar should not be eaten, however did you recognize your early morning oat meal spikes blood sugar level as high as ten ounces of sugar laden soft drinks? A lot of Americans, especially the ones trying to eat a "healthy and balanced" diet are consuming an everyday dish of steel cut oats or twelve grain salute, and that they also experience significant blood sugar level spikes throughout the day as a result of grain intake. Picture a regular day: grain for morning meal, a sandwich for lunch, pasta or pizza for supper ... This diet regimen develops a blood sugar level rollercoaster that adds to swelling, early aging, as well as overall poor health. Grains are just not the healthy and balanced food we have actually been led to believe. In addition to the green spiking your blood sugar they also contained quite a few toxin products or substances such as phytates and gluten. That is why in this present day and time everyone is looking for gluten-free products. but every one of these bad denatured proteins leave to various health issues especially for people that consume them in large bulky quantities. A lot of this started way back in the 1970s when they've developed a process of hybridization of the grains. this made it so much easier for the grains to be grown and harvested much more quickly. The only problem is that these particular compounds were tweet by man and when they enter into your body the body recognizes them as being a foreign substance and your body sees them as being attackers that are on a path to destroy our body. And if  stomach problem like a leaky gut put these chemicals into your bloodstream and this causes even more health problems. Before the nineteen-seventies these grains did not exist so these health issues were not a concern. But since these processes were developed they have caused many many health issues that are quite significant.
To complicate the whole situation mega pesticides were developed. And we have discovered that these pesticides actually causes holes in our stomachs it can kill the good gut bacteria that we have. And this can cause issues with a multitude of different systems in our body ranging from the immune system all the way to our brain functioning at normal levels.

GMO's are a much higher hazard compared to gluten. Standard grains supply a substantial direct exposure to GMOs (Genetically Customized Microorganisms). Unlike hybridization, where a genetics is altered, a GMO is a microorganism that has actually been genetically crafted so that a brand-new DNA is included to a certain plant or microorganism to transform exactly how it works.

The Gluten Trend: Yes or No?...Not to point out numerous of these items consist of GMO components like corn. If info on the risks of GMOs could capture on like the gluten fad there is an opportunity this message could obtain out to the masses. Monsanto is combating with every little thing they have to maintain tag legislations from passing, which will certainly make it legislation to identify foods that consist of GMO components.

To the point: If man has made it DON”T eat it! To look young, manage all hormonal agents, have 24/7 power, and also just feel like your ideal self, just manage your blood sugar.

Quality nutritional fat is essential for blood sugar levels. Raising saturated fat and also cholesterol from all-natural, entire food resources is a critical part of our Health and Wellness Protocols strategy to regulating blood sugar and also enhancing general wellness.
Please note that taking in a modest, not high, quantity of healthy protein is vital to regulating blood sugar. I have actually discovered a greater fat/moderate protein/lower carb proportion manages blood sugar really well, as well as a helping to slow down the hands of time.